V2 Linear vibrator

Side Profile of V2 Electromagnetic Linear Vibrator for feeder packaging system


A powerful vibrator for heavy capacity conveying. Will activate sieves, trays (open, covered, bevelled, V shape, etc) for conveying, sieving or feeding a variety of materials. Manufactured for  bespoke fitting to larger packaging machinery, such us linear weighing machines and packing machines, multi head weighing machines, feeders and counting machines.

As with all Kinnersley vibrators, they are extremely reliable and low maintenance making them perfect for sustained automation processes.

Suitable for use in the following industries:

  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare & medical
  • Agricultural
  • Mechanical
Please note: top plate and base plate specification and finish shown in the image are standard. Linear vibrator units are manufactured to meet individual customer needs.
Dimensions L x W x Hmm475.5 x 250 x 207
Insulation type IP54
Connecting cable lengthm3
Power consumptionVA1440
Current consumptionA4
Drive head nominal voltage/FrequencyV/Hz240/50
Number of drive heads 2
Drive head type V1
Drive heading coating colour / material Black / Nylon
Magnet to armature air gapmm5
Vibration frequencyHz/sec50
Number of spring assemblies 4
Spring dimensions (length x width)mm99 x 70
Spring thicknessmm1.2; 1.7; 2.1; 2.5; 3
Spring material  Fibreglass
Spring fixings (stainless steel)ClassA2
Type and size of spring fixing M10 Hex Set Length dependent
Standard number of fixing sets per spring assembly 6
Standard torque of spring fixings (before adjustment)Nm66
Top plate dimensions Bespoke
Base plate dimensions Bespoke
Number Top plate fixing points (threaded or unthreaded)


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